Beato v. Cosmopolitan Association, LLC.


Facial injuries, Queens County, NY. For a porter who was beaten by drug dealers as he entered his apartment building.
McAndrews v. City of New York


For the death of a wife & mother of 3, because of the proven Reckless Disregard for Safety by the NYC Fire Dept., Richmond County
Fourtounis v. NYCHA


For a union welder when he slipped and fell on the job and injured his back, Kings County.
Lewent v. Rosen Group Properties, et al.


For a graphic art studio manager when he slipped and fell on water in landlord’s commercial loft and tore his quadracepts tendon, New York County.
Ray v. Alpha Omega Development Co.


For a union mason when he fell from a scaffold and fractured his wrist, Kings County.
Van Ness v. NYC Transit Authority


For a social services counselor who slipped on wet paint on a subway platform, Kings County.
Smith v. Robert B. Samuels, Inc.


For an office manager who fell and re-injured back while at work, New York County.
Rios v. City of New York


For a 70 year old, disabled stroke victim who was struck by a motorcycle, Richmond County.