Amusement Park Accident Staten Island Lawyer

Amusement Park Accident Staten Island LawyerA visit to an amusement park, carnival, or theme park can generate happy memories to last a lifetime.

But it’s the sad truth that not everyone leaves these places with fun memories. Amusement park, carnival, and theme park rides occasionally injure riders, sometimes seriously.

No matter their previous safety record, things can go wrong at any amusement venue, from the largest theme park to the smallest traveling carnival.

Although solid data is difficult to find, typical estimates reveal that up to 1,500 adults and more than 4,000 children under 18 are injured seriously on amusement park rides every year.

While deaths are rare, one 2012 study estimated that up 15,000 people suffer ride-related injuries each year, with at least 10% of these serious enough to require a hospital visit.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury from a theme park accident, you will want an experienced accident lawyer to help.

The injuries caused by amusement park accidents come in many forms, including:

The most severe injuries can result in permanent paralysis and amputations.

Amusement park injuries as a result of operator negligence can include many causes.

Causes of Amusement Park Accident Injuries

–   Improper operation, including improper training of operators and operator error

–   Faulty or inadequate safety systems, including safety lock failure, malfunctioning lap bars, faulty safety straps or harnesses, sharp and protruding parts, inadequate padding, and failure to load and unload in a safe and proper manner

–   Failure to post proper warnings or improper height and weight restrictions or calculations

–   Mechanical failure of any kind

–   Inadequate security

–   Improper installation or assembly

–   Loose, rusted, or worn out nuts, bolts, cables, or belts

–   Electrical shorts or failures or exposed electrical wires

–   Inadequate maintenance or improper repairs

–   Engineering design defects or limitations, structural flaws, or parts failure

–   Water damage, corrosion, rust, or broken welds

–   Abrupt starts and stops or failure to shut off

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