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Litigation Support For Birth Defects

Brooklyn Birth Injuries LawyerThe birth of a child is a significant event for any family. The start of a new life is a time of great happiness for most, but in a small number of cases this happiness is tempered with sadness. An injury caused during delivery can leave a child disabled for life and bring unexpected and costly burdens to the family.

As the parent of a child harmed during delivery, you have the right to protect your child’s future through legal action against those responsible for the birth injuries. Speaking with an understanding Brooklyn law firm to learn how you can use legal action to secure a sustainable future for your child is an important step to take.

Millions of babies are born safely in the US each year. In fact, child deliveries are the most common single type of hospital visit. Due to their sheer volume, it’s not overly surprising that some birth injuries occur (both to the baby and the mother). The medical professionals involved in childbirth are compassionate and committed practitioners, held to the highest ethical and legal standards of care, but reckless actions or negligence can still happen. Although it is tragic when even one child is injured while entering the world, it happens thousands of times each year.

The health care staff attending a delivery are expected to be well trained and experienced. Often they have had years of preparation and are familiar with the signs indicative of any of the numerous complications that can arise during labor and delivery. Childbirth is a delicate and sometimes complicated process, and when medical professionals do not adequately attend to the unique circumstances of each birth, this negligence can lead to dangerous and potentially injurious situations. Many actions (or lack of action) can constitute negligence during childbirth, some of which are:

– Delay in delivery

– Failing to recognize complications during labor

– Delivering a child too quickly

– Improper use of forceps or vacuum extraction

– Not performing a cesarean section when needed

– Not performing emergency procedures to solve complications

Brooklyn Attorneys Who Understand Birth Injury

Numerous birth injuries can result in conditions which will stay with a child for life. Brain damage, spinal cord damage, or brachial plexus injuries leading to Erb’s palsy or Klumpke’s palsy are just a few. If your child has been injured at birth due to negligence, you want to make sure that he or she will be provided for. One of your remedies is to pursue legal action. Pick up the phone to find out how Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo can help.

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