Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer

Have You Been Injured in a Construction Accident in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn Construction Accident LawyerAccording to a 2013 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3 of the top 10 deadliest jobs in America are in the construction industry. While workplace fatalities are down overall, the most recent data show a 5% increase in deadly workplace accidents in the construction trades.

Working in a dangerous profession does not mean that workers should accept their situation and do nothing when dangerous conditions cause them harm.

While workers’ compensation can provide benefits to those who are injured on the job, workers’ comp alone might not be enough to cover the expenses caused by serious injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, it is important that you speak to a qualified legal advisor to determine what additional options you have.

New York State law prevents workers from suing their employers for accidents that happen on the job. However, if an injury or a death occurs at a work site, any contractors, equipment manufacturers, property owners, and architects who can be proven negligent can be held accountable. If an employer can be shown to have willfully violated applicable OSHA safety regulations, they may be liable for any damages caused by an accident.

Safety violations do occur, unfortunately, all too often at construction sites. Some of the conditions which may cause or contribute to an accident are:

–  Failure to maintain a clean and sanitary worksite

–  Failure to provide adequate training or to verify that employees have been adequately trained

–  Inadequate installation of scaffoldings, stairs, guard rails, or other safety measures

–  Improper or inadequate shielding of electrical wires and other dangerous components

–  Failure to properly notify workers of known site hazards

–  Reckless or improper use of equipment

–  Failure to correctly store or secure materials or debris which could fall and injure workers

If You’ve Suffered an Injury at a Construction Site, We Can Help

Construction accidents can result in extremely serious injuries, some of which can require lifetime care or prevent a victim from returning to work for an extended period of time, even for life.

Without an experienced legal partner, it can be a difficult uphill climb to win compensation for your losses. The right partner can make all the difference. Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo are ready to assist you today.