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Brooklyn Elevator Accident LawyerAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 10,000 people are injured in elevator accidents and around 30 are killed by elevators every year. Although elevators are extremely safe in general, with only about 1 ride in 12 million experiencing even the most minor fault, and less than one trip in 500 million resulting in a death, these accidents do still happen. If an elevator accident has injured you or someone close to you, a lawyer with elevator accident experience in Brooklyn can help.

Elevators and escalators are the subject of stringent safety regulations, especially in New York State, which has developed its own specialized laws for elevator installation, inspection, and maintenance. You might not think of them as technological marvels, but modern elevators are truly advanced machines. Today’s designs have been developed using over a century of engineering advances.

But these machines rely on complex and thorough maintenance and service routines to function safely. If frequent and complete maintenance is not completed, even the most advanced elevator or escalator system can become dangerous to its riders. Simple inconvenience can quickly lead to serious injury.

When an accident happens, it can be difficult to assign blame. It is not unusual for large buildings to contract with a third-party to handle all elevator service and maintenance obligations. In some cases, the elevator manufacturer itself might be responsible for service. A skilled trial attorney with elevator accident experience is a useful asset when you have been injured by an elevator and need to determine who is at fault quickly and correctly.

There are a large number of circumstances, frequently the result of negligence, which can cause an elevator accident serious enough to lead to injury:

–  Sudden acceleration or deceleration

–  Overspeed conditions during operation

–  Mis-leveling at floor stops

–  Doors which grab or hold passengers, or which trap passengers in the car

–  Improper maintenance to car or cable systems

–  Interlock circuit bypass condition

–  Emergency communication failure in a malfunctioning car

–  Safety device failure

A Brooklyn elevator accident lawyer committed to our clients

Elevator accidents can happen in any structure that has an elevator, large or small: an apartment building, a school, a mall, a sports stadium, a train station, and so on. If an elevator accident has caused injury to you, the most important step in seeking restitution is to find an attorney who understands the complexities of this type of case. Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo want to know what we can do for you.

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