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Brooklyn Ladder Injury LawyerHave you been injured in a fall from a ladder at a construction site? Or are you dealing with the financial and emotional burden of coping with the injuries caused to a family member by such a fall? If so, you should know that the lawyers at Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo have experience representing the victims of workplace ladder accidents.

Ladder accidents are no joke. The most recent analysis by the Center for Construction Industry Research and Training found that nearly one quarter of all fatal construction site falls involve ladders. Tragically, this averages out to roughly 70 deaths each year, every one of which could have been prevented. A previous OSHA study of ladder accidents noted some other disturbing details, including the fact that almost 20% of ladders involved in accidents where an injury took place had more than one defect and that nearly two-thirds of the workers injured in ladder accidents had not been trained to inspect ladders for defects before use.

Ladders can easily shift, twist, or fall outright if workers have not been trained to use them properly, and that training burden rests on property owners, employers, and their contractors, not on workers. When a defective ladder is put into service and causes an accident, the blame may be placed on the ladder’s manufacturer or supplier or on those responsible for the ladder’s proper upkeep.

A broad range of factors can lead to serious ladder accidents, including:

–    Failure to provide adequate fall protection for workers on ladders (spotters, restraint harnesses, barricades, etc.)

–    Failure to adequately train workers in the use of ladders

–    Failure to regularly inspect ladders for defects

–    Supplying workers with inadequately maintained or old ladders

–    Using metal ladders near live wires and electrical equipment

–    Using the wrong sized ladder for the job

–    Placing ladders on top of another object to reach a greater height

–    Requiring workers to carry unsafe or too heavy loads while climbing ladders

–    Placing a ladder on a slippery or unstable surface

–    Failure to ensure ladders have slip resistant feet

–    Propping ladders against an unstable supporting surface

–    People, equipment, or vehicles striking ladders while they are in use

If You Need a Brooklyn Ladder Accident Injury Lawyer

Like so many other accidents, ladder accidents can cause serious injuries which can affect the victim for life. These accidents are also entirely preventable. If you have suffered this kind of accident, you should team with a firm that will work vigorously on your behalf. Speak with Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo and we’ll go over all your options.

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