Brooklyn Premises Liability Lawyer

A Brooklyn premises liability lawyer can help you seek damages against a property or business owner, who has failed to maintain the safety of their home or establishment. Unmarked, freshly mopped floors can lead to slips and falls, and undisclosed structural hazards can result in catastrophic injuries. If you have been the victim of a dangerous area, call our team today.

As a society, we are all expected to do our part, when it comes to maintaining our properties; private residences and businesses alike. Whenever we enter into an individual’s home or place of business, we expect to be secure and advised of any potential dangers that may pose a threat to our physical well being. Slippery sidewalks and deteriorated entryways can prove to be remarkably less welcoming than the mat at the threshold suggests, and they can also contribute to very serious bodily injuries.

Contact a Brooklyn premises liability lawyer if you have been the victim of a slip and fall or any other type of injury due to the negligence of a home or commercial property owner. We can provide you with a free consultation and help you seek the damages you deserve.

People often think that dangerous premise claims are trivial affairs that contribute to the overcrowding of our courtrooms and the extortion of insurance policies. However, nothing could be further from the mark. Many thousands of individuals are seriously injured every year due to:

Ceilings that collapse
Rotted flooring giving way
Exposed nails in flooring
Cracked or broken sidewalks
Cracked or broken stairs
Defective elevators
Dangerous conditions caused by renovations, remodeling or building projects
Debris or clutter left in walkways
Liquids, gels, ice or any other slippery substance left on sidewalks and walkways
Contact a premises liability lawyer from our firm, if the negligence of a home or business owner has caused your injuries. The initial consultation is free.

We realize the conflicts of interest that may occur as a result of your pursuit of a personal injury claim. No one wants to be the one to take their niece, their neighbor or their favorite grocer to court. However, when it comes to your health and your future, it is sometimes the only viable option to recoup the expenses that you have incurred due to medical treatments, lost wages and pain and suffering. Your relatives, neighbors and local grocer may not have the kind of money that would be needed for you to financially recover for your losses, but their insurance companies probably do.

If you need to speak with a premises liability lawyer in Brooklyn, pick up the phone and schedule your free consultation today. We understand the conflicts and how the dynamics of our clients’ relationships can be affected by their personal injury claims, and that is why we always endeavor to make our clients’ interests our own interests. We are aggressive and dedicated, sensitive and compassionate, and we have successfully obtained millions of dollars in compensation* for clients.

*Not every personal injury claim will merit a million or multi-million dollar settlement. However, our legal team is here to provide you with the insight and experience to help you evaluate your claim and pursue the damages that you deserve.

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