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Accidents happen to everyone. But in the normal course of life, most of us take steps to stay safe and avoid causing accidents which can harm ourselves or others. Unfortunately, injuries can happen to you or a loved one entirely through the negligence or incompetence of someone else. When this happens, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the party at fault.

Even though you were not responsible for your injuries, if you don’t have competent and dedicated legal assistance on your side it can be a time-consuming and difficult process to recover the damages your injury entitles you to. The best strategy is often to work with an experienced personal injury law firm who can take charge of your case and use their knowledge and experience to pursue your claim in the best possible way.


Different types of Personal Injury Cases

A good personal injury lawyer understands the complexities of a wide variety of injury claims, ranging from simple sidewalk accidents to complicated medical malpractice claims. Among the many cases which would normally be considered under personal injury law are situations involving:

–   slip and fall accidents
–   premises liability
–   accidents caused be unsafe condition
–   burn injuries from fire
–   accident from slipping on snow or ice
–   dog bites injuries
–   injuries broken or raised sidewalk
–   ceiling collapse injuries
–   defective or broken stairs accidents
–   amusement park accidents
–   elevator and escalator accidents
–   car, truck, train, and motorcycle accidents
–   construction site accidents and injuries
–   medical malpractice

The Odds Are In Your FavorBrooklyn Broken Stairs Lawyer

Personal injury law is an important part of the American justice system. In New York State, nearly 40% of all court cases are filed in the civil court system, and personal injury cases make up a sizeable component of this total. Plaintiffs in those cases have a very good chance of success: a recent report shows that those pursuing civil cases win over half of the time. The odds are in your favor when you team with a committed and experienced personal injury attorney.

Injuries caused by negligence can lead to extensive physical, emotional, and financial damage, including lost wages, legal fees, one-time and ongoing medical bills, and other costly expenses. If you or someone close to you has been harmed by another’s negligence, speak with a law firm that’s used to getting results and which fights for its clients until their cases are resolved. Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo work hard for our clients to restore their damaged lives and win back their physical and financial freedom. We have helped our personal injury clients receive successful judgments worth tens of millions of dollars. Call Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo today to find out if we can help with your case.

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