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Staten Island Burn Victim LawyerOne of the most traumatic injuries anyone can ever experience is a serious burn. On top of the very real physical pain and suffering which can last for years, a serious burn injury can leave the victim with disabilities, disfigurements, and deep emotional scars which follow the victim for the rest of his life.

Burn injury treatments can take many months or years and can be surprisingly expensive. After the injury and during treatment, the burn victim and their family may experience long-term financial and emotional hardship as continuing expenses and therapies add up. Through all this, the strain might take an even greater toll if the victim is unable to return to work because of their burn injuries, bringing a devastating loss of income to the victim and their family.

You don’t have to face this terrible situation alone. An experienced Staten Island burn victim lawyer can be there to investigate your accident, fight to win compensation for your medical and legal costs, and take the lead in filing damage claims for your injuries. A qualified legal team can take on the challenge and the stress of the legal process while you focus on healing and restoring your life.

Burns can cause extremely serious injuries, including the loss of the use of a limb, disfiguring scars, chronic respiratory damage, and other significant harm, including death. Accidental burns are very often the result of avoidable negligence by employers, business owners, and manufacturers. Those at fault for the injuries received in a burn accident can be held accountable when you enlist the aid of an experienced burn victim lawyer. Burn victims have a right to demand compensation for many different conditions which result in burns, some of which are:

–   Faulty electrical components and faulty or malfunctioning appliances

–   Open flames or unsafe conditions close to open flames

–   Household or industrial chemical spills, including corrosive and hazardous chemicals

–   Friction burns from exposed or unsafe equipment

–   Heat and radiation sources

–   Gasoline leaks caused by unsafe use, storage, or shipment

–   Explosions, either caused accidentally or resulting from the unsafe use of explosives

Staten Island Attorney has knowledge for burn injury

Have you or someone close to you suffered the painful trauma of a burn injury? If so, talk to a lawyer who understands burn victim cases. You don’t need to face this challenge alone. Talk to Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo for advice on your next step.

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