Staten Island Defective Machinery Accident Attorney

Has Heavy Equipment Caused You Harm?

Staten Island Defective Machinery Accident AttorneyOur modern world could not function without the benefit of heavy equipment. Industrial manufacturing, construction, warehouse and shipping operations, and many other sectors of the modern economy rely on large, powerful machines to fulfill their functions. These machines do wonderful things for us, but each of them also has the capacity to do great harm. When safety is not recognized as the most important component of heavy equipment operation, accidents will happen.

To single out the potential risk associated with only one machine which many workers take for granted, consider the forklift: tens of thousands of workdays are lost each year while injured workers recover from forklift accidents. But lost work time is only one result of forklift accidents. About 100 workers die from workplace accidents involving forklifts every year.

Heavy equipment comes in many forms and shows up in many places. A manufacturing operation might include compressors, lathes, presses, and many other machine tools. On the typical construction site bulldozers, backhoes, heavy rollers, cranes, and all sorts of trucks might be in active use for much of the day. In transport and warehouse companies, forklifts and pallet jacks might continuously scurry about.

Without appropriate training and safety precautions, workplaces like these can quickly change from marvels of modern industrial coordination to gauntlets of serious injury and death. The wounds that a heavy equipment accident can inflict can be terrible, and the expense of dealing with them can bring a family to the brink of financial ruin. A Staten Island lawyer with an understanding of heavy equipment injury cases can help move your case forward as quickly as possible.

If a workplace accident is due to negligence by an employer or another party, such as a subcontractor, equipment manufacturer, or maintenance company, filing a liability claim may be important.  Third parties can be held accountable for serious accidents involving heavy machinery in many cases, including:

–   Inadequate training of equipment operators and other workers

–   Malfunction during operation

–   Missing or disabled safety features on machines

–   Failure to enforce safety regulations or to provide workers with proper safety equipment

–   Design or manufacturing defects

–   Inadequate or unperformed maintenance of equipment

–   Keeping broken machinery in service

–   Vehicle rollovers

–   Fires and explosions

The Right Staten Island Lawyers For The Job

Lifelong damage can result from serious workplace accidents including broken, crushed, or lost climbs; neck and back injuries; concussions and other head injury; serious burns; and paralysis. An injury of this sort to you or a loved one can be debilitating, but you can sleep easier knowing you’ve retained a firm that will vigorously pursue your case. Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo are ready to assist you today.

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