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Staten Island Elevator Accident LawyerElevators are extremely safe overall, but accidents still happen: data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that each year around 10,000 people are injured and around 30 are killed in elevator accidents, most or all of which are preventable. Only about 1 elevator trip in 12 million experiences even the most minor fault, and less than one trip in half a billion results in a fatal accident, but these rare accidents do still occur. If you or someone close to you has been injured because of an elevator accident, contacting a lawyer with elevator accident experience in Staten Island is a smart move.

Strict safety laws govern elevator and escalator installation, inspection, and maintenance, and few are more strict than those in New York, which has developed its own specialized codes for elevator safety. Elevators rely on complex engineering standards for proper design, installation, and operation. They are complex systems which depend on equally complex and diligent maintenance and service practices.

However, when an accident occurs there may be finger pointing and the true responsibility can be difficult to assign. Building owners frequently transfer their service and maintenance obligations directly to an elevator manufacturer’s service division or else to a dedicated third-party elevator service contractor. When you have been injured in an elevator accident it can be a great help to work with a knowledgeable attorney with elevator accident experience to navigate this intricate situation.

Elevator accidents which cause injury can be traced to many conditions, some of which are:

–   Mis-leveling at floor stops

–   Doors which grab or hold passengers, or which fail to open and trap passengers inside

–   Sudden acceleration or deceleration

–   Overspeed conditions during operation

–   Safety device failure

–   Improper maintenance to car or cable systems

–   Interlock circuit bypass condition

–   Communication failure in a malfunctioning car

Find a Staten Island elevator accident lawyer with experience

Any structure equipped with an elevator can be the site of an elevator accident. One can take place at the mall, in your office, at the ball park, or while visiting a friend’s apartment. It’s important to move quickly after an elevator accident has caused you injury. You need to locate a reliable and trusted attorney who is willing to stand in your corner. Give Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo a call to find out how we can help.

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