Staten Island Fall From Height Accident

Have you been injured in a high fall?


Staten Island Fall From Height Accident

Staten Island Fall From Height Accident

Few construction sites include as much danger as the tall buildings and skyscrapers common in great cities like New York.  The higher a building rises, the greater the risk to the workers who must rise with it as the job continues. Employers are expected to take every necessary precaution to ensure that workers do their jobs in a safe environment, and to implement procedures that will protect workers from injurious or fatal falls.

Unfortunately, this obligation is not always met. Falls from higher levels of job sites happen, and workers can suffer head injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, and other damage when they become fall victims. If you’ve been involved in a construction site fall, the bills can pile up. You might be too injured to return to work, making every new medical bill that much more of a burden. Contacting a Staten Island lawyer who understands this type of case is important.

Site contractors are supposed to identify the fall hazards on every job site and then develop a fall protection plan specifically adapted to meet that site’s needs. It might not seem to qualify as a “great height,” but if a job requires employees to work 6 feet or more above the ground, a fall protection plan must be created. When a plan has not been developed or, potentially worse, when a plan has been created but not actually put into practice, a work site can become the scene of a serious injury or death when something goes wrong. Workers high above the ground on scaffolding, raised on lifts, working on girders, or doing their jobs in rigging depend on proper safety features and procedures at all times. Missing safety harnesses, nets, handrails, and other equipment can easily lead to serious accidents which should have been prevented.

Under New York law an employer might be considered negligent and could be liable for damages from a fall in a number of circumstances, including:

–   Failure to provide safety training to workers

–   Failure to supervise or enforce safety procedures

–   Failure to adhere to proper construction guidelines

–   Incorrect installation or maintenance of safety systems

–   Failure to select appropriate fall safety systems for each building site

Experienced Construction Fall Attorneys in Staten Island

You need to know your rights and options if you’ve been injured in a serious fall accident. Was it the result of an employer or another party? Can they be shown to be negligent? Is it possible to prove them liable and win compensation for your injuries? Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo is ready to help you with these questions today.

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