Staten Island Falling Ceiling Lawyer

Are you the Victim of a Collapsing Ceiling?

Staten Island Falling Ceiling LawyerAll landlords and commercial property owners have a legal obligation to ensure that their properties present no health or safety hazards to residents or customers. Ensuring that all ceilings on the property are safe and properly maintained is an important part of this obligation. If a ceiling or part of a ceiling collapses – including tiles, plasterboard, plumbing, or any ceiling-mounted fixtures – and someone is injured, the property owner has failed to maintain a safe environment and needs to be held accountable. If a ceiling collapse has injured you or someone important to you, it’s critical that you get in touch with a Staten Island injury lawyer with ceiling collapse case experience.

The victim of a ceiling collapse can receive serious and traumatic injuries to the head, neck, back, or other parts of the body. These kinds of injuries should not be taken lightly: the most serious can include paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and death. If a ceiling collapse has caused you harm, one important step is to contact a personal injury lawyer with the appropriate expertise to assist you as you strive to win proper payment for the damage and anguish caused. Property owners are accountable for damages resulting from a ceiling collapse under many circumstances, including:

–   Failure to repair structural damage to the ceiling

–   Skipped or inadequate routine ceiling maintenance

–   Failure to fix a leak in the ceiling

–   Failure to remove snow from the roof

–   Failure to repair cracks in the ceiling

–   Failure to treat an animal or insect infestation that weakened the ceiling

–   Violation of building codes

Make a Staten Island Ceiling Collapse Injury Lawyer Part of Your Team

Injuries caused by a ceiling collapse can permanently change your life. You need the help of a firm that will investigate the ceiling collapse, discover what caused it, and hold the owner responsible if it can be proved that their negligence allowed that ceiling collapse to occur. By standing beside you through every step of the process, we’ll help you or your injured loved one receive compensation for all medical costs due to your injuries as well as for damaged personal property, lost income, and other costs related to the accident. Have you or someone close to you suffered an injury from a ceiling collapse? If so, you’ll want the right lawyer. Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo are ready to assist you today.

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