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Staten Island Hurt From Falling Objects LawyerConstruction sites contain all sorts of dangers for workers. When you work with heavy machines and potentially dangerous tools in a busy, constantly changing work space, accidental injuries can happen in many different ways, including the unsafe use of equipment, falls from rigging or ladders, and electrocution, among others. In most years, the third greatest risk of injury and death to construction workers, responsible for about 12% of all lost working time and close to 10% of all deaths at work, is the danger of being hit by some kind of falling object.

Falling objects can cause serious injury to anyone they strike, resulting in broken bones, serious cervical and spinal injuries, eye injuries, paralysis, and, of course, death. Anything which has dropped, rolled, blown, slipped, been thrown, or has broken loose from a height qualifies as a falling object. This could include tools which are left out or dropped, improperly anchored equipment, inadequately secured building materials, incorrectly handled loads on cranes and lifts, waste and debris which are not properly disposed of, and any other item capable of causing injury when it falls.

Unfortunately, the success of big box and warehouse-style retail stores means that consumers are now also more at risk for falling object injuries than ever before. Passing through a forest of two- and three- story high pallet racks loaded with merchandise exposes customers to some of the same sort of accidental injuries that construction workers have long sought to avoid. Improperly stacked goods falling into the aisle of a store can cause as much serious injury as a bundle of shingles falling at a job site. If you or a loved one has been injured by an accident involving a falling object, the expense of medical bills, lost income, and other costs can add up surprisingly fast. A call to a trustworthy and experienced Staten Island lawyer with falling object injury experience should be one of the first you make.

Falling object injuries, in or out of the workplace, are often the result of situations which can be considered negligent, and which could entitle you to damages, such as:

–   Building materials at height not used, stored, or transported safely

–   Tools not correctly secured or equipment not adequately supported

–   Work site and neighboring land not protected from falling object risk

–   Proper safety procedures (hardhats,  etc.) not enforced or workers not educated in them

–   Pathways between shelving are too narrow to pass through safely

–   Objects stacked on upper shelves without being adequately secured

–   Objects stacked too high

–   Improper equipment used to place and remove items from higher shelves

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