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Staten Island Personal Injury LawyerHas the negligence of another person or business caused injury to you or a loved one?

If so, the most effective way to receive compensation for that harm is to get the help of a lawyer with personal injury experience.

If you or a family member has suffered an injury because of a car accident, a defective product, an unsafe property, a dangerous drug, an unsafe amusement park ride, medical malpractice, or any other danger which could have been prevented by the owner, operator, or responsible practitioner, you have the right to seek damages through legal channels.

It’s very challenging, however, to recover damages from a negligent party without the right legal assistance.

An experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Staten Island can fight for appropriate compensation called for by your specific injury.

Anyone injured by another’s negligence needs hard-hitting and capable legal representation to win full compensation for their injuries.

Although Justice Department statistics indicate that more than half of all civil suits result in successful verdicts for the plaintiff, those cases would not succeed without knowledgeable legal assistance.

Your best option is to put an experienced Staten Island personal injury lawyer to work for you.

There are many situations in which personal injury claims are justified, including:

–   Injury sustained in a sidewalk accident

–   Premises liability injury claims due to dangerous or negligent conditions

–   Injury due to slipping on ice or snow

–   Injury sustained in a slip and fall accident

–   Injury from a burn

–   Injury inflicted by a ceiling collapse

–   Injury caused by defective or broken stairs

–   Injuries from dog bites or other injuries caused by dogs

–   Injuries suffered in theme park accidents

–   Injuries suffered in elevator accidents

–   Injuries resulting from motorcycle, ATV or 3-wheeler accidents

Experienced Personal Injury Representation in Staten Island

When you or someone close to you suffers an injury through negligence, there are medical bills to pay, lost wages to make up, legal fees to cover, and many other costs.

No amount of financial compensation can undo the damage, be it physical, emotional, or financial, caused by a serious personal injury.

Our firm has helped clients win tens of millions of dollars in claims against negligent property owners, reckless drivers, and others.

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