Staten Island Sidewalk Accidents Lawyer

Have You Had a Sidewalk Accident in Staten Island?

Staten Island Sidewalk Accidents LawyerEvery year, as many as one million people are injured by slips, trips, and falls and too many of these accidents take place on sidewalks. Sidewalk and walkway accidents are one of the most common avoidable accidents that a person can experience. Fortunately, the victims of sidewalk accidents are entitled to seek compensation for any injuries they receive.

Sidewalk accidents resulting from owner negligence can happen on private or publicly property. They can and do happen just about anywhere: in front of a single-family home, outside a business, or at a government building; on the bustling sidewalks of congested city streets, or on the meandering paved pathways of quiet suburban parks. The location doesn’t matter. All property owners, large and small, are required by law to maintain their sidewalks in a safe manner so that avoidable injuries to sidewalk users are prevented.

An experienced sidewalk accident lawyer in Staten Island can help if you or a family member has fallen and been injured because of a poorly maintained sidewalk. You could be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income, and other expenses.

It’s important that you have your case reviewed as soon as possible: New York law requires that sidewalk accident claims against the City or another municipal entity be initiated within 90 days of the accident. You should contact a Staten Island sidewalk accident lawyer right away to determine the next step. The injuries caused by sidewalk accidents can be very serious, in extreme cases even resulting in permanent disability or death.

More typical injuries can include not only the obvious cuts and bruises, but also sprained or broken wrists or ankles or other bones; severe and long term back and spinal damage; and debilitating concussions or life-altering traumatic brain injuries. Sidewalk fall injuries can be caused by one or more of several dangerous and preventable situations, some of which are:

–   Violation of building or safety codes

–   Faulty sidewalk construction

–   Improper or inadequate maintenance

–   Uncleared snow and ice

–   Uncleared dirt, weeds, or other growth or debris

–   Uneven or unlevel sections of sidewalk

–   Projecting pipes, bolts, and other objects

–   Cracks, lifting, or other damage caused by tree roots

–   Loose, protruding, or otherwise hazardous gratings, doors, and covers

Put Yourself In Touch With A Staten Island Lawyer With Sidewalk Accident Experience

If you or a family member has suffered injury in a sidewalk accident, turn for help to a firm with Staten Island sidewalk accident experience. Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo can help – give us a call.

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