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Has a Relative Been Abused or Neglected?

Brooklyn Nursing Home Neglect LawyerMore than 1.4 million people live in nursing homes nationwide. We tend to think of nursing homes as places for old people, but they care for other kinds of patients as well. For those with serious disabilities and those who require 24 hour medical care and supervision, a nursing home is often a good option.

Nursing homes and similar care facilities are subject to many state and federal laws designed to protect residents from neglect and abuse. However, this is an industry that has grown quickly and has a reputation for operating cheaply whenever possible. Not all facilities are able, or willing, to make sure that all of their residents’ needs are met. In fact, one government study estimated that in 90% of US nursing homes the staffing levels were too low to meet adequate standards of care.

Regulations are many, but inspections are few and criminal enforcement of violations is inconsistent. Neglect of residents can happen in this environment. In some cases, neglect can give way to outright abuse. If you suspect that a member of your family has been a victim of neglect or abuse in a nursing home, call a responsible Brooklyn attorney to discuss your options.

Most nursing home patients are elderly, and because of this it is the elderly who experience the most neglect and abuse. The problem of elder abuse is much greater than most people recognize. One study conducted in New York State came to an astounding conclusion. It found that for every case reported to authorities there were 24 cases that went unreported. Reliable estimates suggest that every year between 4 million and 6 million older Americans are the victims of physical or psychological abuse or neglect. Among disabled patients, the numbers are just as alarming. About half of people with disabilities report being physically abused at least once, with more than one in ten reporting that the abuser had been a care provider. Some of this abuse took place in nursing homes.

Abuse and neglect come in many forms. Some abuse is obvious, such as when a resident has been physically assaulted by another resident, a staff member, or another person. Sexual assault and rape occur, but victims might be reluctant to talk about it. Emotional or psychological abuse also takes place, but this can be harder to observe directly. It has also become sadly too common for residents to be financially abused, such as in a situation where a resident signs over power of attorney or rewrites a will to benefit an abuser.

Neglect can manifest in various ways. A few signs which may indicate neglect are:

– Lack of hygiene (personal or facility)

– Lack of protection from others in the nursing home (residents and staff)

– Lack of food or water (starvation or dehydration)

– Medication errors (overdose or lack of medication)

– Lack of proper medical treatment

– Lack of proper overall care

– Bed sores

– Infections

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in Brooklyn

Nursing home staff have a duty and a legal obligation to care for their residents and protect them from harm. If someone close to you has been abused or neglected in a nursing home or other care facility, you owe it to them and your family to seek damages from those responsible. Let Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo review your case today.

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