Staten Island Car Accident Lawyer

Helping Those Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents


Staten Island Car Accident Lawyer

Staten Island Car Accident Lawyer

Each year over 5 million motor vehicle accidents happen on America’s streets and highways.

Well over 2 million drivers, passengers and pedestrians are injured in these accidents, and some unfortunately, fatell

Over 34,000 people did not survive the injuries they received from automobile accidents in 2012.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, while driving or riding in a vehicle or as a pedestrian struck by a vehicle, you may need help pursuing your claim against the driver who was at fault.

Turn to a Staten Island lawyers with auto accident experience who can help take on the challenge for you.

The accident will have forced other things to the top of your priority list: you must now focus on your physical, financial, and emotional recovery.

Let an experienced firm take the lead for you in dealing with insurance companies and other attorneys for your medical claims, recovery of lost wages and income, and any other paperwork.

Staten-Island-Car-Accident-LawyerBeing a safe driver is a good thing, but it can only protect you just so much from a motor vehicle accident.

A reckless driver, drunk driver, or inexperienced driver can involve you in an accident, no matter how careful you are, and too many of these accidents result in serious injury.

In fact, year after year motor vehicle accidents remain one of the top causes of accidental injury and death in the United States.

Government statistics list car, motorcycle and other vehicle accidents as the number one cause of accidental death overall.

For U.S. residents of almost every age, motor vehicle accidents are regularly the number one or number two cause of accidental death.

You might never get behind the wheel of a car yourself, but you are still affected every time you ride as a passenger or cross the street as a pedestrian.

Vehicle accidents happen all the time, in all places, to all types of people.

If you have been involved in an accident, let us help you.  Put our decades of combined experience to use.

We will represent the victims of many kinds of vehicle accidents, such as:

–   Drunk driving accidents (DUI/DWI)

–   Texting while driving accidents

–   Fatal car accidents

–   Rear end accidents

–   No-fault car accidents

–   Pedestrian hit in a crosswalk

Looking for an Automobile Accident Attorney in Staten Island?

If you’ve suffered an injury from a serious car accident, we can assist you through the complicated process of pursuing your claim. We’ll be on your side every step of the way.

Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo are here for you when you need us.  When you’re ready, pick up the phone and call 212-228-1331 or 718-448-1600.

You can also reach us toll free at 1-877-3D JUSTICE (1-877-335-8784).

We offer free case evaluations.  Call us to see if you have a case worth pursuing.

Nobody fights harder for you…NOBODY!

Speak with a Staten Island Auto Accident Lawyer today.

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