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Staten Island Ladder Injury LawyerIt’s a fact: ladder accidents can cause serious, sometimes fatal, injury. An important study of ladder accidents conducted by OSHA revealed a number of disturbing details about accidents involving ladders. In accidents which resulted in injury, not only had almost two-thirds of all workers who were injured not been trained to inspect ladders for defects before use , but almost 20% of the ladders involved in those accidents had more than one defect.

The Center for Construction Industry Research and Training has conducted its own analysis of both fatal and non-fatal falls at construction sites and discovered that nearly one quarter of all fatal construction site falls involve ladders. This means that every year there are on average 70 heartbreaking but entirely preventable deaths due to ladder accidents.

Has a fall from a ladder at a construction site caused you serious injury? Are you facing the ongoing financial and emotional burden of caring for a loved one who has been seriously injured in this type of accident? It’s comforting to know that the there are experienced personal injury lawyers, such as the attorneys at Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo, who have experience fighting for restitution for the victims of workplace ladder accidents.

When employers have neglected to train workers in the proper use of ladders, ladders can easily slip, tilt, twist, or fall outright. When an accident is caused by a defective ladder that has been used unsafely because it was not properly inspected or maintained, the blame might rest with the ladder’s owner, manufacturer, or supplier; or on those responsible for the ladder’s proper upkeep.

Many reasons can eventually lead to serious but preventable ladder accidents. Here are a few:

–   Failure to adequately train workers in the use of ladders

–   Failure to regularly inspect ladders for defects

–   Supplying workers with inadequately maintained or old ladders

–   Failure to provide adequate fall protection for workers on ladders (spotters, restraint harnesses, barricades, etc.)

–   Using the wrong sized ladder for the job

–   Placing ladders on top of another object to reach a greater height

–   People, equipment, or vehicles striking ladders while they are in use

–   Failure to ensure ladders have slip resistant feet

–   Placing a ladder on a slippery or unstable surface

–   Propping ladders against an unstable supporting surface

–   Requiring workers to carry unsafe or too heavy loads while climbing ladders

–   Using metal ladders near live wires and electrical equipment

Ladder Accident Injury Attorneys in Staten Island

Ladder accidents, as with so many other construction site accidents, are completely avoidable. But when they take place, they can cause serious injuries which might be with a victim for the rest of his life. Do what you can to minimize your suffering: bring in a lawyer who will do all that’s possible on your behalf. Find out what Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo can do for you today.

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