Staten Island Scaffold Injury Lawyer

Have You Been Injured in a Scaffolding Accident?

Staten Island Scaffold Injury LawyerIf you work in construction, you will probably work on a scaffold at some point during the year. In fact, a recent report by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that this is true for about 65% of all construction workers. Unfortunately, this same government agency also reports that around 10,000 workers will be injured each year by accidents involving scaffolds, most of them due to the failure of the scaffold’s planking (floor) or because of objects falling onto the scaffold from above.

It’s even more unfortunate that several dozen workers will die each year because of injuries sustained in a scaffolding accident. This kind of accident, like most that happen in the workplace, is entirely preventable and results from negligence or human error. If you have been the victim of a scaffolding accident, or if a loved one has been seriously injured or died because of injuries received in a scaffolding accident, you should protect your rights to recover damages by discussing your case with an experienced Staten Island scaffold accident injury attorney.

A knowledgeable law firm already understands the intricacies of important state laws and regulations involving workplace safety. For example, New York State has enacted a number of additional laws to guarantee worker safety on the job, including Sections 200, 240, and 241(6), which combine to define the meaning of a safe work environment and then hold employers accountable if accidents occur because safety guidelines have been ignored. These laws apply to scaffolding, for instance, because they require employers to take steps to protect workers against accidents caused by falls, and they hold employers, contractors, and their agents responsible when a fall happens because of negligence.

Although planking (flooring) failure and falling objects are the immediate cause of most scaffolding accidents, injuries involving a scaffold can result from many different negligent conditions, such as:

–   Scaffold installed by an unqualified person

–   Poor scaffold design

–   Scaffolding was not secured or stabilized properly

–   Scaffolding was installed without handrails, guards, or other safety precautions

–   Scaffold was assembled incorrectly

–   Scaffolding was not tested adequately before use

–   Scaffolding was not maintained in safe condition

–   Scaffolding was erected too close to a known danger (electrical wires, etc.) without inadequate precautions

Your Scaffold Accident Injury Deserves Professional Attention

Workers’ compensation insurance may cover only part of the medical expenses and lost wages resulting from a scaffold accident. Because almost all scaffold injuries are the consequence of preventable human error, there may be additional liability involved. A capable attorney can determine what other options are available to you. Call Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo to find out what we can do for you.

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