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Brooklyn Crane Injury Lawyer

Brooklyn Crane Injury Lawyer

Crane accidents can cause major property damage, serious injury, and death. The most recent government report on crane-related occupational fatalities quantified just how dangerous working on and around cranes can be: in a typical year, between 60 and 100 workers are killed in accidents involving cranes.

While a few workers are killed each year after being struck by a crane itself, most deaths and serious injuries due to crane accidents are actually caused by loads falling from a crane. In fact, crane operators are less at risk than other workers on the job site: crane operators account for fewer than 10% of crane-related fatalities, while laborers, electricians, welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers are more often the victims.

Anyone connected to a job site is at risk of death or serious injury, especially when one considers that 10% of all fatal crane accidents take place when a crane is being transported from one site to another, and is not even in active use.

Brooklyn Crane InjuryIf a crane accident results in serious injury to you, or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in an accident involving a crane, it is important that you seek out a Brooklyn attorney with the know-how to tackle your claim.

Workers’ compensation regulations may make it difficult or impossible to recover damages directly from an employer, but equipment manufacturers and third-party contractors might be accountable. Because workers’ comp might not cover all of the burdensome expenses resulting from a crane accident injury, it’s crucial that you investigate other avenues for the compensation you deserve.

Workers in New York City are more likely to work with or around large cranes than workers in many other places so their need for strict safety practices and their chance of injury involving a crane accident both are greater. Crane accidents can be the result of many contributing factors, all of which could have been prevented:

–  Failure to use properly trained crane crews

–  Crane improperly erected or inadequately maintained

–  Communication breakdown among those operating the crane

–  Contact with live electrical wires by the crane or its load

–  Accidents during crane transport from site to site

–  Workers becoming caught between objects or between the crane and other objects

–  Falls from the crane or the crane’s rigging

–  Workers struck by objects being moved by the crane or dropped from the crane

For Crane Accident Help, Contact a Brooklyn Attorney

Crane accidents can leave victims with serious injuries that will affect them for life, including burns, paralysis, and persistent head, neck and spine conditions. If these injuries are the fault of another, the support of a qualified and passionate law firm is a valuable asset. Talk to Kuharski, Levitz, & Giovinazzo for advice on your next step.

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